No More Hangover™ Defense & Recovery 2oz Drink (12ct Box)

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Brand: No More Hangover™

No More Hangover Defense & Recovery Drink is designed to help you feel better after a night out of drinking. Our drink contains vitamins & electrolytes as well as a unique blend of herbal extracts specifically designed to support your body’s natural ability to defend against & recover from a hangover.

No More Hangover™ is designed to be a grab-and-go one-shot consumable drink to be taken Before, During, or After drinking, you can even take it the next day when you wake up. Don't let a hangover ruin your weekend again.

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Designed to Support:

  • Reducing dehydration leading to headaches
  • Detoxification of alcohol from the body
  • A Healthy immune system

Active Ingredients:

  • Dihydromyricetin (Vine Tea)
  • Prickly Pear Extract
  • N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)
  • Eleuthero Root Extract
  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • Milk Thistle Extract
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamins B6, B12
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Why Try No More Hangover

No More Hangover Defense & Recovery Shot is a completely natural hangover prevention which contains a unique blend of herbal extracts and vitamins specifically designed to support your body’s natural ability to defend against & recover from a hangover.

Each unit is sold in a 2oz Boston Round bottle, 12 bottles to each POP Box. No More Hangover is designed to be a grab and go consumable shot drink product that can be displayed next to the cash register at gas stations/mini marts, Liquor stores, Grocery stores. This is also a great item for Hotel Mini bars/gift shops, Bars, clubs and even gyms…

Vitamin & Electrolyte blend that provides the body nutritional support

A Natural Herbal Blend that is Drug-free!

100% Vegetarian, Sugar and Gluten-free

Optimizes Body Functions With Vitamins, Minerals & Anti-Oxidants

Take it Before, During or After a Night Out

Zero Calories, Zero Carbs

Amazing stuff that literally says what it does in the products name. I drink wine with friends on the weekends and it’s nice to be able to get up every day after early and not feel like crap. Also this stuff is great when the girls and I go on wine-tasting trips.

Francine E, Redondo Beach, CA.

I live at the beach what else can I say going out having fun and enjoying the day and the nights is just what you do and this stuff gives me the ability to do both without that harsh hangover the next day it also makes Sunday funday more enjoyable because I know when I get up on Monday for work I’m gonna feel good unlike my counterparts. 

Rob R, Manhattan Beach, CA

When I have friends and family that come in to visit and we hit some of the local drinking establishments a little hard it’s nice to be able to get up early the next day and feel good enough to go and enjoy the theme parks that my city offers without feeling like I’m going to die. This stuff is a lifesaver.

Ryan H, Orlando, FL

I live in Hermosa Beach a city where there’s always some sort of party or weekend activity going on and as I’m getting older it’s nice to have a product that helps me keep up with some of my younger crowds.

 Mike L, Hermosa Beach, CA

I work in a very high pressure job and at the end of the week I like to let loose with my friends but I also still wanna enjoy my weekends and this product has given me just that, the ability to go out hard on a Friday or Saturday night and wake up early the next day feeling good so I can go enjoy running on the beach or a early breakfast with family.

 Lucy A, Hermosa Beach, CA

I just took a bunch of this stuff to Vegas for my buddies bachelor party and no more hangover gave us the ability to go out at night and not have to feel like sh*t the next morning to the point where we’re sleeping in with the blinds closed until 2 in the afternoon, instead we get up early and had more of a chance to see what Vegas has to offer and we got better spots at the pool. From now on when I go to Vegas I am making sure I am well stocked up on these shots.

Ben H, Redondo Beach, CA

Working for a big agency I get to go to a lot of red carpet parties but things do seem to get out of control here and there and it’s hard when you have to be up the next day and ready to go for whatever random Hollywood stuff that’s thrown at you but with no more hangover it makes those mornings a lot easier to deal with and I feel more confident to have fun at the parties.

Lindsey S, Hollywood, CA

My friends and I hit the waves hard in the early mornings but hit the bars pretty hard so it’s good to know there’s a drink out there that helps me feel good enough to get up at the Butt crack of dawn to get to the lineup without that whole I want to die feeling.

Jack S, Huntington Beach, CA

In the winters I work as a lift operator at one of the ski resorts. After work us employees go out have a lot of fun sometimes too much so when I have this drink I’m able to go out and have some fun, wake up early, get a few runs in and then run the lifts and all without feeling like sh*t.

Shawn K, North Lake Tahoe, CA